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Our M3 blogs cover a range of thought provoking topics from trends and challenges to proposed solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

This is personal - Edition 2

July 2023

A pharma email sitting in a doctor's inbox, unread. It knows it has something important to say, but yet it remains unread. Every time the doctor logs on it waits in hope, but it is always passed over. The doctor never clicks.

Was it the subject line? Did it arrive when the doctor was busy or distracted? The doctor seems to be reading other emails, so why not this one?

For an email – or any marketing product – to get noticed, it needs to land in the right way and at the right time.

However, the 'right way' does not mean 'the same way'. People are all unique and have a range of needs, predilections and wants. We all consume content differently. And doctors are no different.

So, to create a powerful pharma marketing campaign, it is vital to hit the right audience, with the right content, through the right channel, at the right time. In short, it's got to be personalised.

This requires the rigorous use of marketing insights to really understand what your audiences want – and how.

A common step in this process is the creation of personas. Creating a persona which represents an audience group with the same common characteristics allows marketeers to cut through to potential customers effectively, with the knowledge of what they want, and how they want to receive it.

The key to success, however, is to base these personas – and the distribution of the audience universe to these personas – on rich and precise data, driving bespoke and evidenced marketing strategies for each audience group.

With the versatility and depth of M3's digital platforms, our clients can achieve data-driven persona marketing at true scale.

For example, M3's Doctors.net.uk platform provides unique, integrated, and analysable data of 250,000 UK-registered doctors, with detailed insight into their online behaviour and communications preferences.

Using this platform, we can analyse whether doctors prefer online modules, guideline summaries or peer opinion pieces, or whether they engage more with text, video, or audio content. We can find out what motivates them, and what doesn't. And we can do this for tens of thousands of doctors at a time.

This means that, for the first time, pharmaceutical companies have a tool that allows them to personalise customer journeys at scale, extending the impact of bespoke marketing strategies beyond doctors in their CRMs, to new portions of the market.

However, the process doesn't end there. On its own, pushing out marketing messages, however tailored to individual needs they may be, still means pharma companies are in broadcast mode.

To make persona marketing truly effective, the loop must be closed. This means getting feedback from doctors on the material they are receiving so that strategies and tactics can be nuanced and refined in real time.

This is why engagement with pharma-driven content on Doctors.net.uk is automatically tracked, analysed, aggregated, anonymised, and shared back with pharmaceutical clients. As the defined persona segments interact with different content, the resulting metrics will provide insight into uptake of content and resonance of messaging, per persona.

Analysis of performance and continuous improvement guarantees optimum engagement. Data can be fed back into the persona framework in an agile manner, to validate the engagement strategies, or to allow for refinement as required.

To find out how Doctors.net.uk can help you deliver targeted communications to your audiences contact us at reachdoctors@eu.m3.com

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