University College London

The Challenge

To promote a postgraduate open day and brand awareness of the UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences to doctors in junior, middle and senior grades in anaesthetics, general internal medicine, general practice, general surgery, histopathology, oncology, trauma and orthopaedic surgery, and radiology. Each of these clinical specialties represent key target audiences for many of the postgraduate programmes within the faculty.

University College London

The Solution

  • 4-week display banner campaign redirecting to landing page on UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences website
  • Key targeting of audience over and above other competitors
  • Banners targeted and paid for only when visible to target audience

We received an unparalleled level of support from the team at M3 Europe. Being able to target by clinical specialty and then also by grade was invaluable to us. Jo spent a lot of time filtering and refining our target audiences to ensure we had the best opportunity to market towards relevant audiences with minimal wastage. This was much appreciated. It was a pleasure to work with the team on this project and we look forward to working with M3 Europe on our next campaign in the very near future.