Cancer Insight Centre

The Challenge

  • To improve outcomes for cancer patients by providing the latest information to specialist and generalist physicians via an independent and trusted community.
Cancer Insight Centre

The Solution

  • The Cancer Insight Centre (CIC) was developed as a unique joint working model hosted on in partnership with Cancer Research UK, leading clinicians and healthcare organisations
  • A non-promotional resource, created and maintained by grant-based funding from pharmaceutical. Med Tech and Third Sector organisations
  • The CIC brings together primary and secondary care physicians in a  community within a community and engages with a rich library of content designed to suit all learning styles such as scientific exchange from global conferences, referral support, eCME, early diagnosis toolkits, panel discussions and latest news

The Cancer Insight Centre provides a much needed educational resource that enables doctors to keep abreast of the latest news, views and developments in cancer diagnosis and research, and to learn and collaborate with each other in an effective way.

Professor Sir Mike Richards